Paris “Tips”

Following the many requests of the people I have the chance to meet and photograph, I decided to create a page with a non exhaustive list of the highlights & tips in Paris : transport, food, activity and history (for those who are curious). Feel free to send me yours !

To move everywhere while you will be in Paris :

– Metro (Subway) : very easy and convenient:
– UBER application : a private driver (same as a taxi) for a ride who will not cost you more than it should !
– Bicycle in Paris : they are everywhere, it will cots you 1.50 euros to rent one for 30 mn, as many time as you want during 24h ! Look around, you can’t miss them. You only need a credit card to get one.
– Paris is a nice city to walk, even more with the river side close for the cars now. If you are scared to be lost & don’t have a map or connection, dowload the application “” who runs only with your GPS & get the Maps “Paris”, easy ! Ios / Android.

All is about food in Paris & in France…

France is well known for its gastronomy. The simplest things are often the best and I recommend you stop at one of the bakeries for nice sweet things like croissant or tarts. Take advantage of this opportunity to grab different breads and get some good cheese from the cheese maker after buying a nice bottle of wine from Nicolas (wine specialist). There are many parks in Paris, it’s a good opportunity for a picnic !

Gregory Renard – Macarons & Chocolate

The macarons are a well-known French specialty and we love them! I have tasted some of the most “famous houses” and I must say that those of Gregory Renard could be my favorites! A craftsman specializing in chocolate and macarons with so many different flavors… my favorite? The salty chocolate macaron!

Location: Eiffel Tower Area
Address: View on map

Bouillon Chartier – The Oldest Bistrot in Paris

In 1896, the Bouillon Chartier was born out of a very simple concept – provide a decent meal at a reasonable price and give customers good service. This place has known and been touched by all those, the many famous and anonymous faces, who have dined there, on romantic dates, as a family or with friends. It has developed more than a personality; they have given it a soul! Have a seat at a table and take the time to admire the famous sideboards where regulars kept their own, personal napkins and the painting by Germont, who gave it to the establishment as payment for his debt there. Watch the elegant to and fro of servers dressed in black vests and white aprons, unmatched for their efficiency. And then get ready to delight your taste buds!

Location: Opera House / Galeries Lafayette Area
Address: View on map

Le café du commerce – Fancy Bistrot

The Café du Commerce was born in 1921 and belongs to the line of Parisian “bouillons” of the 19th century.
Marie and Etienne GUERRAUD, independent restaurants in the 15th arrondissement of Paris for 22 years, took up the challenge of taking over this great institution in March 2003.
They made the bet to bring simplicity to the plate through products selected with
• Limousin beef, our butcher Pascal PETARD.
• The fries, La Victoria, potato from French Flanders.
• The bread of the house Poupart Piquot (115 bd grenelle paris 15th)
• The wines of small harvesting owners.
And so many others 🙂

Unique in Paris, the Café du Commerce welcomes you along its 3 floors decorated with plants and open to the sky of Paris. A couple or group, share the intimacy or friendliness of a good table where the service carries the colors of Paris.

Location: 10 minutes walk from Bir Hakeim Bridge
Address:  – View on map

La fontaine de Mars – Southwestern French specialties bistrot

La Fontaine de Mars is one of the oldest bistros in Paris. Opened in 1908, three families have succeeded each other until today … The appetite must be solid … Foie gras, confit, cassoulets are homemade and compete with the finest live products of each region sprinkled with fresh wines.

Location: Eiffel Tower Area
Address: View on map

Terrass Hotel – Amaizing view from the terrass

Everything is in the title, a hotel that makes restaurant on top of the roof!
An exceptional view on Paris which is worth the stop…
Even if the prices are a little to high regarding the food they serve (according to me) !

Location: Montmartre Area
Address:View on map

My favorite place ?

I just let me be guided by a great app to find a place in my budget and whatever my desires are (french, indian, italian, or japonese…) just around where I am! There are so many good tables in Paris that it would be a shame to miss a good place close from where you stay or where you are. Bonus : there are often discounts if you book through the application. It’s called “La Fourchette” (the fork)!

Here is the link for Apple or Android 😉

Bon appétit !

Activities in Paris ???

There are so many and for all tastes that I prefer to let you choose. The best thing is to inquire at the tourist office or use an application like tripadvisor!
Nevertheless I will present some for children and grown children!

Arc de Triomphe

We often pass before, around, under, but we forget to go up! By a small staircase, the ascencion takes place rapidly and the view on the “alley of the king” from the arc of triumph towards the Louvre is very ordinary.

Location: Champs-Elysées

Hot Air Balloon in Paris !

The biggest balloon in the world! Experience the unique experience of flying over Paris on the largest balloon at 150 m altitude and discover the capital as you have never seen it! The balloon flies according to the weather conditions: it is preferable to contact the the same day of your visit.


Le jardin des plantes et la ménagerie (zoo)

The garden of plants is a very pleasant park in Paris that runs along the banks of the Seine, a very pleasant ballad with a bonus for children: the menagerie!
The Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes is a zoo in Paris, belonging to the botanical garden Jardin des Plantes. It is the second oldest zoological garden in the world.

Location: View on map
Website – Jardin des plantes:
Website – La ménagerie:

The most requested places in Paris

Walking at Trocadero on sunrise, Notre Dame & “île de la cité” on daytime, Bir Hakeim bridge on sunset or Montmartre at night.
For the curious who want to know a little more about the history of our monuments
. Click on the Paris icons to see more about the locations !

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