Surprise Proposal in Paris

Paris, capital of love, city of light, where you wish to plan a surprise proposal ?
Let us guide you and organize together this event to immortalize it for a life time during a photo shoot.

Two possibilities are available to you if you want to make your proposal here in Paris…

First option : No stress, well dress & easy to propose !
You simply propose to your partner a photo shoot in Paris, a “must-do” for a timeless memory of your trip.
You will do the proposal during the photo shoot, in all complicity with your photographer, which ensures a perfect shooting and allows your partner to be dressed and to be mentally ready for a photo shoot in Paris.

Second option : Total surprise !
You want a total surprise as you are afraid to be “unmasked” if you propose a photo shoot in Paris with a professional photographer.
No worries, we are here to help you! We will set up together a place and an hour of appointment in Paris according to your wishes and we will give you all the necessary advice to capture this moment, without even getting us noticed!

What happens there after your request in surprise wedding?
Requests for Surprise Proposal in Paris are usually accompanied by one to four hours of “engagement session”. The first hour will be for your request & few photos. Of you book more than 1 hour, the following can take place later in the day or the following days, allowing your future partner to dress for the occasion and to choose the locations in Paris.

Where does it will happen ?
It’s often at the most requesting places such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Palais Royal, Notre-Dame and the Jardin du Luxembourg, but it can also happen in the place of your choice or according to our advices : French and native from Paris, we know all the secret corners of the capital!

Ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime?
Contact us, feel free for any questions & let us guide you to keep a lifetime souvenirs !

Still looking for a photographer while you will be enjoying Paris ?

The Parisian photographers is offering couple, engagement, wedding, elopement, pre-wedding, family & individual pictures in Paris.
You may have found the right person for unforgettable memories !

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